Ben Cichon

With art in his blood his famous Uncle David Kelly inspired him to look at the world through a different lens. 

Working, travelling, exploring and living extensively in remote areas all over Australia and New Zealand has given Cichon a deep love and respect for culture, communities, the land, its people and sports they are passionate about. 

Capturing mateship, the struggle, comradery, emotion the contest of contact sports has become a passion. From playing first grade AFL as a junior to playing country rugby as an adult and watching Sydney University youngsters and wallabies side by side has inspired this body of work. The medium to capture it changes from charcoal, to pen and ink, water colour, graphite and new media.   

Ben has had many group exhibitions throughout Australia including Floating Land in Queensland and Works in private collections including commissions.

With influence from Norman Lindsay, Brett Whitley, John Wolseley and Fred Williams among many other great Australian Artists the evolution of his work is fluid. 

 Cichon now lives in the Pilbara and is planning his next exhibition diving into the struggle of life expressed through contact sport.